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Multifunctional guide to milling technology from POKOLM
The POKOLM GUIDE app is your smart access to the mobile world of POKOLM Frästechnik GmbH & Co. KG. With just a single app, POKOLM offers a broad array of sophisticated functions for users of milling technology, with each of them being a useful tool in your daily work. Once it is installed, you have… Read more…
New in our range of products: Hydraulic arbors and adapters
Zero-reach arbors with hydraulic chucks Thanks to their outstanding tool lives, best surface finish and maximum concentricity, hydraulic chucks found their place in milling. And there is good reason since these chucks offer both continuous action of the cutting edge and excellent vibration-damping properties. Economic advantages of hydraulic chucks Furthermore, it should be pointed out… Read more…
shrinking station TSI11000WKS
New fully automatic shrinking station TSI11000WKS
Induction shrinking technology now also fully automatic Induction shrinking stations from POKOLM Frästechnik are widely known for their robust design and ease of handling, and are well proven with users from home and abroad. After all, they are optimally matched to the company’s comprehensive range of arbors and adapters for the shrinking process. The shrinking… Read more…
milling cutter FOURWORX®
Four-fold benefits with FOURWORX® milling cutters
Even with its smallest diameter, FOURWORX® delivers four times more in high-feed machining: More speed, more feed, more cutting depth and more performance The latest addition to the milling cutter portfolio is THE new high-performance milling system for roughing and pre-finishing applications in the field of high-feed machining. FOURWORX® offers a multitude of interesting properties… Read more…
New inserts for SLOTWORX® HP high-feed cutters
Fitted with new inserts, SLOTWORX® HP changes from a high-feed to a square shoulder and slot milling cutter     The SLOTWORX® HP milling system with its new shoulder face milling inserts r = 0.8 mm which is known for its high performance in the high-feed range is even more versatile than before. The symbiosis… Read more…
SQUAREWORX® for every eventuality
Square shoulder, slotting and chamfering milling operations with only one insert and two cutter bodies   SQUAREWORX® is the name of the new, multifunctional milling system from POKOLM for precise machining with both 90° and 45° approach angles and only a single insert. One insert is thus enough to perform square shoulder, slotting, face and… Read more…
Objective achieved at BORBET: Ultimate process reliability with SPINWORX® Lightweight alloy and passion – those are the two main ingredients when BORBET manufactures the wheels with which it has been setting standards in the branch for decades. The tradition-steeped company is universally acknowledged as a strong brand for discerning customers, as a reliable OEM supplier… Read more…
New round inserts with optimised geometry for machining stainless, acid and heat-resistant materials
Pokolm Frästechnik GmbH & Co. KG has just expanded its range of cutting materials for milling cutter bodies with round inserts in 7 mm and 16 mm diameters for machining stainless, acid and heat-resistant materials (SAH machining). Particularly worthy of mention is the modified geometry which with its new cutting edge version and an optimised… Read more…
QUADWORX®XL avec de nouvelles plaquettes de fraisage d’angles
QUADWORX®XL high-feed cutters with new shoulder face milling inserts for even greater versatility and efficiency
The QUADWORX®XL milling system has already convinced many practical users with its exceptional cutting rates in high-feed roughing applications. Our innovative cutting materials, developed specifically for step and slot milling, now make QUADWORX®XL even more versatile. In this insert-tool combination, they are equally suitable for fine machining. Our new shoulder face milling inserts with a… Read more…
M35 PCTC Schneidplatten
New M35 PCTC cutting materials from POKOLM, especially for the machining of titanium and high-temperature alloys
The range of innovative materials has now been expanded with an M35 carbide with a new PCTC coating. The high temperature stability of M35 carbide guarantees the extraordinarily long-lasting sharpness of the cutting edges, even at higher temperatures. At the same time, extreme wear resistance is achieved by the newly developed PCTC coating, which stands… Read more…


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