Tooling systems and application consulting for the milling of complex 2.5 and 3D geometries

Operation Instructions For Basket

Shop help

Screen layout
Our information portal is separated into four sections:

  •  Menu section (top)
  • Quick-navigation- and search section (right)
  • Product directory or area of activities (left)
  • Summary of contents (at centre)


Catalogue directory
Via menu-item shop/products -> product catalogue you get to a subject area of our product range using miscellaneous sub-menu-entries.

Scroll through the catalogue and browse in individual ranges of our product lines. The classification of our ranges is getting more precise from step to step, until you reach the product you are looking for.

On the left part, we illustrate our catalogue like a directory. In clicking on separate branches, you get inside and find several sub-sections.

Product search
The portal offers several search possibilities. One of it is the product search via the search box top right in the quick-navigation- and search section. You might input the complete catalogue-no., a part of it or parts of the description or technical details.

The search result displays the catalogue-no., a brief description, the most important technical details, information about prices and about the availability of the product displayed.

Product details
The following headlines contain plenty of detailed information. Besides the extensive product description, you are going to find:


Technical data

  • dimensioned drawings
  • Product illustrations
  • Price information
  • all particular Characteristics
  • suitable Accessories
  • Cutting material qualification (for Indexable inserts and Solid carbide end mills)

 The pictured characteristic icons are explained in the menu shop/products -> icon directory.

Parameter search
Instead of scrolling through the catalogue, you have the possibility using one of our various search possibilities. Starting with menu item shop/products -> product search -> Milling cutter bodies/Indexable inserts/Solid carbide end mills/Arbors and adapters.

Whether you are looking for a tool with a certain diameter, a Solid carbide end mill with a specific corner radius, an Indexable insert for a special material or an Arbor system with a particular length: this is the right spot for it.

In opening the parameter search function, the system displays the types of attributes for Milling cutter bodies the first time and later on, that search function which you have used last. The types of attributes for Solid carbide end mills, Arbors and adapters as wll as Indexable inserts can be selected via choice boxes.

The choice boxes don’t have to be completed for every parameter. The more details you limit, the more precisely gets your search result. It displays only the actual current values. In order to cancel your limitations, you put your selection back to „irrelevant“.

Contact form
Via our contact form, several actions can be achieved. You can

  •  use it for messages about problems, suggestions and requests.
  • getting a sales partner of Pokolm
  • to request a printed catalogue
  • to request access data for our online-shop


Complete the form and send it to us via the button „send form“. Your receive an acknowledgement immediately.

As soon as you are registered, you can use all funtions of our Pokolm-portal. You see our complete price-information for every product and you get the possibility for purchasing or inquiring.

In case, you have not yet received any registration-details, you can request it with our contact form.

In case, you have been registered before, you have access to the last page visited before via the link „recall last page“.

User profile
You can enter your personal data into the user profile, which have to be preallocated in case of a purchase order or an inquiry automatically. In case, our entries are wrong, please correct those details and we are going to correct our data processing facilities accordingly.

As a registered user, you have the possibility to put products into the basket. This can be handled in various methods.

If you are inside a drop-down list for search results, every product displays an icon for the basket. Clicking on this icon puts this product into the basket automatically.

In case, you want to put various products from this drop-down list into the basket, you can tick every single item of your choice. When your selection is completed, please push the button „product into basket“. Every single product ticked, is put into the basket. If you add a product into the basket for a second time, the quantity gets increased automatically.

In our quick-navigation section in the right part of your user menu, you find the basket underneath your user profile. A basket overview informs you about every product in your basket, permanently. At this point, you can alter quantities or delete items from the basket. By ticking every single item and deleting via the button „delete items“, the basket can be emptied completely.

The content of the basket together with its actual value, is permanently displayed via our quick-navigation section of our user menu.

Purchase order / Inquiry
The products-items in the basket can be processed as a Purchase order or as a demand for a Quotation.

Besides your personal data details, the Purchase order or the Quotation displays the total value of the basket items. This is only a temporary total value. Additional delivery charges might increase the total value in the end.

Former Purchase orders/Quotations
Via the menu-item Shop/products -> Receipts, you are able to view your existing previous Purchase orders and transfer it to the actual basket.


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