Milling cutter bodies

Multi-purpose cutter with indexable inserts

With POKOLM's insert cutter system, tools and rotating inserts are perfectly matched to form a comprehensive range of products capable of dealing with almost any condition.
Thanks to a variety of innovative new developments in the insert cutter segment that are regarded as standard today, POKOLM has helped to shape and revolutionise milling technology to a major extent. This includes metric milling cutters, the embedded insert seat, the DUOPLUG® screwed/shrink connection for optimised concentricity, and last not least the SPINWORX® round plate router with self-rotating inserts. These are the cornerstones of the company's aspiration to leadership in the field of milling technology.

Our ample spectrum of products comprises

  • milling cutters of Ø 8 mm up to 250 mm for all types of machining
  • Inserts in various geometries, qualities, and coatings for materials processing of all kinds
  • Optimally matched tool seats and inserts
  • Reduced wear thanks to perfectly matched coolant circuits that supply the tools and seats
  • Reliable feed, cutting depth, and cutting speed data for all material groups